Thursday, 13 November 2008

Magic Motifs from Glue Dots

I've always stocked Glue Dots products, finding them to be good value and popular products. I've just got the full range of Magic Motifs in and they can be found here. For those of you not familiar with them, Magic motifs are double-sided adhesive images which can be added to a project ready to glitter. They can also be covered with foil, flock, micro beads, coloured sand and so much more. For a demonstration of using Magic Motifs, take a look here.

I also have Magic Dust in stock (also from Glue Dots) which is a very fine glitter and goes well with the Magic Motifs.

Hope you like the new stuff.


Jane said...

Oh just had a thought, can I copy your header for the shop and I can post it on my blog to advertise it for you??


Donnas Den said...

Of course you can. Thanks.

nitafb said...

Hi Donna
The glue dots produce a wonderful range and thay are very veriatlie.
Can I add your shop to my blog please?
Somehow my first blog was deleted and I couln't get it back so I have started a new one

Donnas Den said...

Of course you can, Anita. Thanks for your kind comments.